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WISE Program Administration

Current and Previous Board Members

C.D. Hanson, M.D., J.D., President (1991-present)
Joseph Ingelfinger, M.D., Carney Hospital (1991-present)
David Lewis, M.D., UMass, Hunterdon Medical Center (1991-present)
Anthony Buividas, M.B.A., Health Management Consultant (1991-1995)
Lynn Eckhert, M.D. UMass, Department of Community Medicine (1991-1995)
James Faix, M.D., Department of Pathology, Beth Israel Hospital (1991-1995)
Thomas Johnson, M.D., UMass, Department of OBGYN (1991-1994)
Margo Inglese, R.N., M.P.H., Brown University (1995-2003)
Mark Rutstein, M.D., American Alumnus (1996-present)
Sean Johnson, M.D., American Alumnus (1996-1999)
Bob-Paul Erdelyi, M.D., Alumnus (1996-1998)
Marciej Mrugala, M.D., Alumnus (1997-present)
Daniel Danila, M.D., Alumnus (1998-present)
Mary Laband, M.B.A., Previous Administrative Director (1999-present)
Gyorgy Mundruzco, M.D., Alumnus (2000-present)

Current and Previous Administrative Staff


Carl D. Hanson, M.D., J.D., President and Executive Director (1991-present)

Administrative Directorship

Eric Ranvig, Assistant Director (1995-1999); Administrative Director (1999-present)
Barbara Guidotti, Assistant Administrative Director in Maine (1997-2000)
Robert Laferriere, Assistant Administrative Director in Worcester (1999-2005)
David DeSmith, Administrative Director (1998-1999)
Mary G. Laband, M.B.A., Administrative Director (1992-2009)

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Constance Whitehead Hanks, Consultant, (1995-present)
Mark Dehmlow, Consultant (1997-1998)
Lynn Simonds, Consultant (1997-1998)
Ruby Smith, Newsletter Editor and Advisor (1996-1997)
Keith Reid, Consultant (2000-2006)

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